Canon announces EOS-1D X release date

Canon announced the EOS-1D X back in October 2011.

(Credit: Canon)

When Crave last checked up on the $6,799 Canon EOS-1D X dSLR in February, the company suggested a “late April” release date for the powerhouse camera. The EOS-1D X still shows as unavailable to consumers at major retailers, so it appears Canon made quite a misjudgment with that original claim.

Fortunately, the Japanese imaging giant announced today that June 20 stands as the official release date for the 18-megapixel EOS-1D X. That doesn’t mean that everyone who wants the latest and greatest Canon can get one, though.

Talking to Imaging Resource, a Canon U.S. representative said that “the EOS-1D X cameras will be arriving in mid-June to select dealers in small quantities and increase gradually over time. They will be here in time for the Olympics and will be available.”

Canon EOS -1D X photos

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The new release date also corresponds with the launch of many EOS-1D X accessories, including the wireless file transmitter (WFT-E6B), battery charger (LC-E4N), battery pack (LP-E4N), wide strap (L7), and focusing screen (EC-CV). A statement from Canon suggested the GPS receiver (GP-E1) should launch in July.

Those tired of waiting for the EOS-1D X can at least brush up on the official autofocus setting guidebook (PDF) made available by Canon last week.

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