With Retina MacBook Pro, Apple Leads the Pack Again

Apple unveiled a lot of new toys today, but the highlight is clearly the ubersexy and powerful MacBook Pro With Retina Display. With this machine, Apple is sending a loud message to the world: We aren’t content to just sell computers — we want to define what people want in them.

While Apple would probably say that attitude has always been in its DNA, it’s really only been delivering on it since it unveiled the first MacBook Air. Before that, Apple machines — the hardware — were certainly capable machines, but their standout features typically had more to do with design (think the original iMac) than usability and performance.

Don’t get me wrong. Apple’s design is excellent, and… Continue reading…

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via Mashable http://mashable.com/2012/06/11/retina-macbook-pro-vision/

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