Will Microsoft reveal new Xbox Smart Glass at E3? New domain purchases say yes.

Someone at Microsoft has been busy buying up a whole mess of domain names related to “Smart Glass,” which could indicate some kind of touch screen media or gaming technology.

Usually, company’s use this tactic to avoid squatters from clouding an otherwise popular product prior to its launch. And with these new domains being purchased just prior to E3 (a.k.a. the biggest gaming industry event of the year), it seems likely that Microsoft is going to announce a hypothetical Xbox Smart Glass tablet.

As for what the new Smart Glass product is at this point is anyone’s guess. It could be something to counter Nintendo’s forthcoming Wii U tablet controller, or perhaps something related to making TV screens more interactive in conjunction with the motion-sense tech Kinect.

The gaggle of new domain purchases were spotted by Fusible, which notes that Microsoft bought them on the same day news of the Xbox Smart Glass leaked via the Examiner two days ago. That report indicated that the Smart Glass tech would allow people to access their Xbox from afar, get iOS Airplay-like screen sharing on your TV, and more.

Whenever you try to navigate to any of the new Smart Glass related domains (listed below), it redirects you to a Bing search for Xboxsmartglass. Essentially, that means we’ve at least got the name right.

Check back with us all next week for our live GamesBeat coverage of E3.

  • microsoftsmartglass.net
  • microsoftsmartglass.biz
  • microsoftsmartglass.org
  • microsoftsmartglass.us
  • microsoftsmartglass.info
  • microsoftsmartglass.co
  • microsoftsmartglass.co.uk
  • microsoftsmartglass.tv
  • microsoftsmartglass.mobi
  • xboxsmartglass.net
  • xboxsmartglass.biz
  • xboxsmartglass.org
  • xboxsmartglass.us
  • xboxsmartglass.info
  • xboxsmartglass.co
  • xboxsmartglass.co.uk
  • xboxsmartglass.tv
  • xboxsmartglass.mobi

Image via Examiner

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