This week in Crave: The starry-eyed edition

Too busy having awkward Airtime conversations with strangers this week to keep up with Crave? Now that the weekly roundup has arrived, you’ve got the perfect excuse to ignore those random video chat requests.

Venus in transit, snapped in Reykjavik, Iceland. Click on the image to see more stunning amateur shots.

(Credit: Kari Kolbeinsson)

• Catch the transit of Venus? Check out some stunning amateur shots here.

• Sleep tight in your new AT-AT bed, young Jedi.

• Missing from your living room: a “Game of Thrones” chair.

• Thanks for the laughs, Mr. Trololo.

• “DIY streetview” turns you into Google.

• And in the latest installment of gadgets vs. gravity

• One big theme at E3 2012: blood, lots of blood. (What do you think? Are today’s games too violent?)

• Looking for decent-sounding headphones for less than $50? Look no further.

• The (geeky) eyes have it with this uber-nerdy makeup.

Eye makeup for geeks (pictures)

1-2 of 9 Scroll Left Scroll Right

• Artist turns dead feline into cat-copter. Sigh.

• “Last Moment Robot“: You are not alone, you are with me.

• Aaand, yet another new way to deliver ads: subway straps.

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