The Oatmeal Fights Legal Threat, Raises $20,000 in an Hour

Rule number one of the Web: You don’t mess with The Oatmeal.

Almost a year ago, the wildly popular comics artist, whose real name is Matthew Inman, wrote an angry blog post against humor aggregator website FunnyJunk, deriding the platform for allowing (and ad-serving) uncredited images of his work.

FunnyJunk fired back Monday with a letter claiming defamation — and asking for $20,000 in damages.

Naturally, Inman then wrote an even angrier blog post that annotates the legal request. In addition to calling the claims “fiction” and the lawyer, media attorney Charles Carreon, a “jackass,” he carefully detailed his plan to respond to the letter:

I’m going to try and raise $20… Continue reading…

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