Stunning NASA fan video highlights why we need to fund the space program

NASA fan video Audacious Visions

If you ever needed a reason to justify government spending on the space program, then I implore you to watch the fan video embedded below.

The video features a speech given by American astrophysicist, frequent Colbert Report guest, and all around awesome personality Neil deGrasse Tyson. A few months ago, he spoke at a congressional hearing on the importance of a space program to drive not only innovation and the economy, but also ambition across the country. He used examples from the 60s, talked about why it makes sense and its impact since then. The world gets tons of new technology that can be pushed out to the private sector as a result of NASA’s work. If you need recent proof, look no further than the space travel happening in the private sector. (On background, NASA contracts private companies, like Space X, to make orbital space mission so it can concentrate on things like mining asteroids and traveling to Mars.)

At the end of the speech, Tyson asked the senate committee to double NASA’s budget from a half-cent on every tax dollar collected to a full penny. Such an increase would raise NASA’s budget from less than $18 billion to a healthy $37.5 billion. I listened to the entire original address, which was about nine-minutes long, and agreed with all of it. At the same time I was kind of frustrated because I didn’t think the majority of people would treat it as something beyond a frivolous expense that we don’t need with our current level of debt.

And then I came across a portion of that very same speech embedded in a video titled Audacious Visions , which was created by film maker Brandon Fibbs. Listening to Tyson’s words with images of space travel and historical events shown, not to mention the cinematic score playing in the background, makes for a far more powerful way to convey the message that we need to fund our space program.

I won’t lie, I actually teared up while watching Fibbs’ video. The point that got me was when Tyson says: “…we’ve got symptoms in society today. We’re going broke, we’re mired in debt, we don’t have as many scientists as we need, and jobs are going overseas. I assert that these aren’t isolated problems, but rather the collected consequence of the absence of ambition that consumes you when you stop having dreams.”

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