Some Dissatisfied Wireless Customers Leave A Complaint, Others Do This…

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We’ve all had our moments of rage when dealing with wireless providers. It’s a difficult relationship. We need our phones in a way that makes us far more dependent than any human should be on a large corporation, and because of this, carriers are able to take advantage of our desperation.

Now, I’m not saying that’s the case with this poor gentleman at a T-Mobile store in Manchester, England. But for whatever reason, he’s displaying more rage than I’ve ever seen out of a dissatisfied customer. Obviously, it doesn’t work out too well for him in the end as police officers (Bobbys?) whisk him away in cuffs after his short-lived performance.

The man spares nothing in his quest to tear apart the T-Mobile UK store. He rips displays off the wall, tears down posters, and uses a fire extinguisher to trash whatever’s left. It’s quite the temper tantrum, so if you’ve been feeling negatively toward your wireless carrier this is the video that will let you vicariously live out your desires.


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