Politician fired for Nazi-esque tweets against Muslims

Mueller’s account is now protected.

(Credit: Screenshot: Chris Matyszczyk/CNET)

It’s hard to keep quiet these days.

One suspects that even in the most silent religious orders, the monks and nuns have heard about and Facebook and wonder how it might change their lives.

Sometimes, though, Facebook and are the digital parchment for huge amounts of vile bile.

The latest example is that of Swiss right-wing politician, Alexander Mueller. Clearly feeling the need to make his feelings heard, he took to Twitter and declared that there should be a “Kristallnacht…this time for mosques.”

Kristallnacht — often referred to as “The Night of Broken Glass” — occurred in November 1938, when Nazi mobs roamed Germany and Austria and burned 1,000 synagogues, wrecked 7,000 Jewish businesses, killed 91 Jews and forced another 30,000 into concentration camps.

One imagines, therefore, that Mueller knew exactly what he was tweeting. Which would lead one to believe he might have imagined the effect.

Or perhaps not. For MSNBC reports that he not only resigned (one suspects he might have been encouraged to) from his Swiss People’s Party executive committee, but he was also fired from his job at a credit insurance company.

More Technically Incorrect

It can’t have helped that he had also reportedly tweeted, presumably also referring to Muslims: “I would like to stand certain people up against the wall and shoot them. Less dirt on the earth would be good.”

His ire had apparently been raised by a court case in which a Muslim man had been cleared of hate-speech charges, after declaring that it was “Sharia-compliant” for a man to strike his wife if she did not have sex with him.

That’s the unfortunate thing about detestable things uttered by humans. They tend to engender yet more detestable things uttered by humans.

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