No brains needed to use this ‘smartphone’ — they’re included

No, that’s not an escaped brain, it’s a phone booth.

(Credit: Screenshot by Edward Moyer/CNET)

“Help! I’m being attacked by an escaped mutant brain on the streets of Sao Paulo! Call the…” <sluuuuuuuuurp>

Wait, gentle reader, wait. Before you go all Orson Welles “War of the Worlds” on us and start tweeting a bunch of panic-stricken warnings, allow us to inform you that this is not, in fact, an escaped mutant brain. It’s actually part of “Call Parade,” a promo event being put on in Brazil’s largest city by telephone company Vivo and street-events company toptrends.

For the event, Vivo and toptrends asked a variety of artists to decorate the “hoods” on 100 phone booths around the city, including a long line of them that “parade” down Sao Paulo’s Paulista Avenue.

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The brainy hood ornament above is called “O Que Voce Tem Na Cabeca?” by artist Carla Pires de Carvalho Fernandes. Our Portuguese-speaking CNET colleague, Elinor Mills, informs us that this loosely translates to “What’s in your head” or “What are you thinking?” and as you’ll see in the images below, the brain is full of a bunch of pictures that presumably represent the contents of various neuron-firings (or the addled psyche of a Pinterest junkie).

“Call Parade” will be on view in Sao Paulo till June 24. But for those unlucky folk who simply can’t drop everything and jet to Brazil to check it out, Vivo has provided a page that showcases the works. In addition to Carla’s piece, we’re fond of “Little Phone of Horrors” by Oscar Saavedra Kovach (and some of you are sure to like “PacMan” by Sarah Reznicek Centkiewicz). They all have something to offer though, so take a peek.

We’re also embedding a YouTube clip of the Brazilian show Fantastico, so you can get a sense of the goings-on at street level.

Brainy artist: Carla Pires de Carvalho Fernandes shows off her creation in a Facebook gallery.

(Credit: Carla Pires de Carvalho Fernandes)

(Credit: Vivo)

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