Nexus Q hides secret ‘Magic 8-Ball’ voice recognition feature

So, by now everyone has heard about Google’s shiny new media streamer sphere, the Nexus Q, but not everyone has seen what it has to offer.

It seems that the company has embedded a cool little Easter egg feature in the device that allows you to ask it questions using your voice — kind of like a more advanced version of the classic Magic 8-ball toy. To access the “Magic 8-Ball Mode,” users need only repeatedly tap the Nexus Q image in the device’s Android app. A screen then pops up with the following message: “Have a dilemma? Ask the Q.”

The responses are packaged, and you can’t really get a legitimate answer like you would if you were asking the new Google Now voice search feature or Apple’s Siri. Still, this goes a long way in showing the full potential of the Nexus Q. I don’t think it’s going to convince people to pony up the $300 for one when there are cheaper options out there, but this is a nice way to show off what the Q can do.

Source via Eletronica; Images via Adrian Perez

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