Mark Cuban leads funding of video startup Switchcam

Video technology startup Switchcam announces $1.2 million in seed funding in a round led by media mogul Mark Cuban.

Billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban is leading a round of seed funding in a new video startup called Switchcam that has technology that can be used to stitch together different videos of the same event so viewers can switch camera angles as they wish.

Other investors in the $1.2 million round, raised via AngelList, include Dave McClure’s 500 Startups, Turner MediaCamp, Vikas Gupta, Niket Desai, Reed Morse, David Beyer and Jeffrey Schox, Switchcam announced today.

Switchcam CEO Brett Welch told CNET he got the idea while using his phone to take video of live music concerts. Unlike competitors in the space such as Outlisten, which focus on consumers, Switchcam sees a big opportunity in working with media companies and event organizers to create interactive video experiences for audiences and fans. The company is exploring use of the technology for sports events, television shows, and news events.

While the entertainment opportunities are plenty, there is no doubt a use in recreating real life events that lead to legal actions or disputes, such as with alleged vandalism at concerts or protests or even police brutality.

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