Google’s Nexus 7 tablet image leaks onto the Web

The Nexus 7

(Credit: Google)

Looking for more proof that Google is launching a tablet at its I/O Conference today?

A tipster told The Verge today that if users try changing a URL on Google’s Play Store, they’ll be able to see a banner showing off the Nexus 7 tablet. The banner shows the back, front, and side of the device, which is flanked by a “Nexus 7” logo.

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Google has for months been rumored to be launching a tablet. The company has reportedly partnered with Asus on it, and will price the device at a level that will help it compete against the $199 Amazon Kindle Fire. It’s believed that the Nexus 7 will come with a 7-inch screen.

Google is expected to unveil full details on the Nexus 7 today at its I/O Conference keynote.

This story has been updated throughout the morning.

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