Google Play comes to Google TV

SAN FRANCISCO — Google’s online app market for Android apps, movies, music, and books is coming to Google TV, the company announced Thursday in a blog post from the Google I/O developer conference here.

Later this summer, Google said, it will make video content that can be purchased or rented through Google Play available to Google TV. On Wednesday the company announced it would be adding TV content to the lineup of content it now offers via Google Play.

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People will be able to purchase episodes of TV shows or buy the entire season and play it on a variety of Android devices, including smartphones and tablets. And now people with devices that sport Google TV will able to access Google Play content on their big screen TVs too.

Google said it’s partnering with several TV studios, including NBC Universal, Sony Pictures, Disney, Bravo, Paramount, Virgil Films, and Sundance.

Google Play also lets people store their own music in Google’s cloud-based service and then access it via streaming on any Android device. Now people will also be able to access this music on Google TV devices.

As part of this announcement, Google said it will also soon enable in-app payments for apps offered in the Google Play store. And it has said that it plans to offer new APIs for developers that will focus on “second screen” apps.

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