Google now activating 1M Android devices a day, 400M activations in total


Showing that its mobile juggernaut isn’t slowing down, Google is now activating 1 million Android devices every day, the company announced today at its I/O conference.

“That’s about 12 new Android devices every second of every day,” Product Management Director for Android Hugo Barra said on stage at the event.

Additionally, Google said in total it had activated 400 million Android devices since the operating system’s launch in 2008. At Google I/O in 2011, Google said it was activating 400,000 Android devices a day and that it had activated 100 million devices in total. That shows some pretty staggering growth.

The company showed the above map to help illustrate hotspots where Android was seeing its most activations and interestingly enough, many of the hottest places are in the developing world.

“The developing world is developing at an even faster pace,” Barra said.

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via VentureBeat

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