Google Chrome and Drive come to Apple iOS devices

SAN FRANCISCO — Google announced at its annual developer conference Thursday that its Chrome browser and its Google Drive dropbox service are coming to Apple iOS devices.

Adding the Google browser to iOS devices means Google users will be able to get a more consistent experience across multiple devices, including their iPhones and iPads. Brian Rakowski, vice president of Chrome, showed off how the browser will work on iOS devices.

Specifically, he showed how the sync feature that Google recently added to Chrome will work on iOS devices. Sync allows people to share their browser settings across multiple devices when they’re signed in using their Google credentials. This means tabs you have open on your computer can be accessed when you’re in the Chrome browser on your smartphone.

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And now all these features will also work on Apple iOS devices.

Google also announced that its Drive service, which lets people store and share documents, will now work on iOS devices as well.

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