Fujitsu prepping a pair of 10-inch Android tablets

Will Fujitsu debut two 10-inch Android tablets this summer?

(Credit: Notebook Italia)

Fujitsu’s Android presence has been meager, especially on the tablet front. Its state of the slate could change soon, if a leaked company roadmap is any indication. Italian blog Notebook Italia obtained a copy of what appears to be Fujitsu’s planned product releases for 2012-2013, which shows at least two Android tablets on the horizon.

According to the roadmap, Fujitsu has a pair of 10-inch Android 4.0 tablets expected to arrive any day now.

The “high end Bacura” tablet is thought to be water resistant, much like recent Fujitsu smartphones. Its release is tied to Q1, which means we could hear an announcement in the near term.

On the other hand, the fact that the calendar is a “planning” roadmap hints that Fujitsu is only a few months into development. Nevertheless, Notebook Italia still suggests that we could hear some Bacura noise by the end of June. I’ll be curious to see what constitutes “high end” in Fujitsu’s eyes, and whether or not we’ll see it outside of Japan.

The document’s second suspected tablet, also listed as a 10-incher, is the “Volume.” Aside from its name and an expected Q2 release, everything else remains a mystery for now.

Considering that the Android tablet space is wide open at this point, Fujitsu stands as good of a chance of success as the other players. While Fujitsu hasn’t cracked the U.S. market yet, it has established a name in the mobile industry and could make a splash in the Android tablet waters.

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