EXCLUSIVE: Google+ gets new feature to selectively pull in other-network updates

Googler Louis Gray just told us about a new Google+ feature. Called Google+ History, it will allow you to add updates to you personal timeline from a variety of social and mobile services.

This feature wasn’t included in the Google+ update announcements at Google I/O, the company’s developer conference happening this week in San Francisco. But it ties Google+ to existing social networks in some interesting ways, and it may soon have some ties to the just-announced Google+ Events, as well.

With History, you’ll be able to browse through your Google+-linked accounts on Twitter, Foursquare, and other social services. You can then pick and choose from past events, images, updates, and checkins, pulling those items into your Google+ profile.

Basically, it’s a more or less convenient way for you to beef up your shiny, (relatively) new Google+ profile with rich content from your past and to give your profile a more Facebook-like, comprehensive snapshot of who you are.

It’s comparable to similar Facebook Timeline features that allow you to affix earlier dates and location tags to statuses and photos.

And while other-network updates can’t yet be tied to Google+ updates and events or grouped together themselves (think of linking a collection of Flickr pictures with a Foursquare checkin), don’t be surprised if features like that pop up soon.

Stay tuned for lots more from Google I/O today — the fun and news are all just getting started.

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