Best headphones for under $50

The lightweight and impressive-sounding Nuforce NE770 earphones are a solid value at $49

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Headphones are among the most popular products on CNET, and not surprisingly, many of you are looking for a pair that delivers a lot of bang for the buck — and so are we.

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Earlier I put together a list of headphones that cost less than $100. While that list included some models that you could pick up for less than $50, the models I’ve rounded up here all come in under $50 (like the previous list, it’s a hodgepodge of products, with a mix of in-ear ear, on-ear, and over-the-ear headphones, and even a few Bluetooth models).

Notice I said they sound “decent” not “great” or “fantastic.” Yes, some inexpensive headphones do sound quite good, but you can’t expect the world in this price range.

Truth be told, we don’t review as many sub-$50 headphones as we probably should (we’re working on it). So, we’ve most likely missed some great deals, but we’re determined to find as many headphone bargains as we can, so feel free to offer up your own nominations in the comments section below.

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Best headphones for under $50 (pictures)

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