Apple’s Retina MacBook Pro ad: Lest you forget it’s ‘radical’

Retina MacBook Pro.

(Credit: Apple)

Apple doesn’t want you to forget that the new Retina MacBook Pro is a radical design, and it launched a new TV ad today to remind you.

The commercial, with a voiceover by Peter Coyote, seems effective in getting across the idea that Apple has fused the eye-popping Retina Display with an “impossibly thin” chassis.

And — if the ad is indeed an accurate representation — shows that the 15.4-inch IPS display has pretty decent viewing angles, which is IPS tech’s calling card.

It will be interesting to see how many of the $2,200-and-up laptops Apple sells. Will it be just a successful niche product or appeal to a wider audience?

Despite its price, I’m betting that plenty of non-professional consumers will snap up the new MBP. In short, it may be hard to resist the first MacBook with a Retina display and all that other “radical” stuff.

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