15 best free iPad games

Free iPad games

Congratulations! You’ve just gotten an iPad. Your first question, of course: what are the good games, and how much do they cost?

Now, obviously, those are separate and quite different questions. However, even though iPad games tend to cost more than the average iPhone game, there’s good news: a lot of games are out there that don’t cost anything at all. See for yourself in the slideshow below, and click through for our picks. Board games, arcade games, shooters, puzzles, simulations–there’s something for everyone.

15 best free iPad games (screenshots)

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The hunt for free games does have its caveats: nearly all apps nowadays try to monetize themselves either through ads or through in-app purchases. The former can get annoying if the ads are too intrusive, and the latter could hook you into spending a lot of cash on nickel-and-dime “freemium” extras. Also, you can probably forget for now about good free games taking advantage of the new iPad’s fancy Retina Display. That’s OK, though; most of the games that made this list are casual games that you wouldn’t be using as a graphics showcase anyway, even on an iPad 2.

I’ve tried to pick games that stand on their own, with tons of content in their free iterations that make the games well worth the download. Total cost for you? $0.

Did I miss any? Sound off with some suggestions below.

Don’t mind spending a little money? Make sure to check out CNET’s list of best iPad games, some of which don’t cost more than a dollar anyway. Editors’ note: This post was originally published September 23, 2011, and was updated on June 1, 2012, to add Donald Bell’s related video, which includes his Top 5 favorite iPad freebies (including one not on my list).

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