Where is home? Home is where you stand

Movement is a fantastic privilege, and it allows us to do so much that our grandparents could never have dreamed of doing. But movement, ultimately, only has a meaning if you have a to go back to. And , in the end, is of course not just the place where you sleep. It’s the place where you stand.

This is the end of an inspiring speech at TED talks by the writer Pico Iyer about how more and more people worldwide are living in countries not considered their own, and he meditates on the meaning of home, the joy of traveling and the serenity of standing still.

Interesting when he talks about home and our kids, that are much more international and multi-cultured than we are. They have one home associated with their parents, but another associated with their partners, a third connected maybe with the place where they happen to be, a fourth connected with the place they dream of being, and many more besides. And their whole life will be spent taking pieces of many different places and putting them together into a stained glass whole. Home for them is really a work in progress. It’s like a project on which they’re constantly adding upgrades and improvements and corrections.

Where you come from now is much less important than where you’re going. More and more of us are rooted in the future or the present tense as much as in the past. And home, we know, is not just the place where you happen to be born. It’s the place where you become yourself.

He has reminded me the importance of the time I dedicate to just stand, but also a human viewpoint of immigration, or, well, the people who just move.

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