Warda and the guardians of Valtenesi

ItalianoI live here, in San Felice del  Benaco!

I really feel a privileged, am I wrong?

It looks like heaven on earth, and in truth there are some idyllic spots which look as if painted, such as the Isola del Garda introduced by Alberta Cavazza in the video, or the farm Le Chiusure introduced by my friend Alessandro Luzzago, but also the Sanctuary of the Madonna del Carmine or the church of San Fermo and the promontory at its back.

I can tell you San Felice is a very pleasant village, but all is not so wonderful as Marco Preti has shown.

This video is taken from Warda (I succeeded at last to watch it some evenings ago), a very interesting documentary film by Marco Preti commissioned by Unione Comuni della Valtenesi – who have all rights reserved, and to whom I present my personal gratitude for this good and farsighted work. It is made by catching lights, landscapes and faces of our Valtenesi. One year-long work, 2 months of shooting each village: Moniga and San Felice during Summer, Soiano in Autumn, Padenghe and Polpenazze in Winter and Manerba in Spring.

Warda shows the more ancient and romantic aspects of the six villages of Valtenesi, their greater richness.

Truly wonderful, charming images, the Valtenesi I would like to be maintained forever, splendid music, intense and evocative, by the “Escargot” Quartet “Escargot” Quartet (very nice, f.i., “In Cammino“, “On the way”).

Here is the official trailer, even if I prefer the part showing some personal stories:

Warda shows that, as it always happens, the beauty of a land is made by few active and enlightened people. Hence, I want to pay my personal tribute to those who gave their own testimony of life. In my opinion, they are true heroes and invaluable guardians of our territory and identity; people who, each in his own field, contribute to make a real and precious treasure of the place I live in, known since the time of ancient Rome for the majesty of its alpine view and the mildness of its mediterranean climate:

Mariapaola Bertanzi (owner of an ancient charming villa), Roberto Blegi (sail instructor), la Cavazza Family (owner of the Isola del Garda), Alessandro Luzzago (wine and oil producer), Tancredi Muchetti (painter and puppeteer), Silvio Maruelli (shepherd), Dante Bertola (farmer), Giulio Maruelli (peasant), Gabriele Bocchio (archaeologist), Camilla Podavini (historian), Mirra Bertelli (expert in herbs), Angiolino Vezzola (fisherman), ecc ecc ..

Here are their images, taken from the movie, for future memory:

Warda is meant to be, at the same time a cry for help against what seems to be an unstoppable building growth due to the insipience of the politicians, landowners, and builders without any scruple, who have almost cancelled, by now, the beauty of our land.

I will take any occasion to oppose this decline with the strength of persuasion, the only arm I possess… let’s hope more and more people will be persuaded to join with me in this struggle for the safeguard of our territory.

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